Episode 38 | Take 2

Everyone has had that moment where the dog ate your homework, or when Word crashed in the middle of a paper. This episode is my turn at that. Oh boy, I had a great episode but due to technical difficulties, I can not use that content at all.

So instead of a great guest episode, you have the pleasure of listening to me discuss the do’s and dont’s of travel to see someone of the opposite sex. Ladies if you want to go visit the dude you met on a vacay please listen to this. Gentlemen if you don’t want to be perceived as a creep please listen to this.

Hate It or Love It
Why do most black people claim to have Indian in their heritage? Feather not Red Dot(Girls Girls Girls)

Constructive Criticism is ok, it should not result in a bitchassness response(co @diddy)

Why do we assign truth or value to someone’s message based on how many people know of them? Have a million followers on Twitter, you must be talking facts. Have 2, well your point just isn’t valid.

Yes, I talked about H&M too, no hot takes I’m just over fake outrage unless we are trying to fix all forms of isms. Scream at me but if u hate for other reasons but jumped on this wave sorry not rocking with it.




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