Episode 37 | Cheers to the New Year

Let’s start off 2018 with a bang. Every single year we do the same routine of making promises to ourselves that we stop keeping as soon as the 2nd week of January hits. This year let’s do better. Encourage those around you that their dreams/goals are attainable.

Hate it
Apple and what seems to be their solution to keep people buying new iPhones every year. This may not be the reason but man the conspiracy just seems to fit this one.

Cold weather everywhere, unless you’re a winter baby or play in the snow this one needs no explanation.

The South’s love of fried everything. They may be onto something because they sure seem to live longer than the rest of us.

Love it
Spending NYE at home on the couch. Best decision made in 2018

To the days getting longer each and every single day now. Everybody loves the sunshine!

Music produced by @glowsonic
Episode editing was done by @msrAdam

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