EP 102

How to be a Player

Are you a player, simp, or a nice guy that just likes to have more than 1?

EP 101

Ricardo Told Me to Chill

Quick school lesson on why we can't be friends if you voted for or supported Donald Trump for president.

EP 100

My First Podcast

This week's episode follows "The Black Album's" last track My First Song as inspiration.

EP 99

Close Friends

If you've seen close friends on Instagram you already know that it's going to be something good.

EP 98

I'm Still Upset

I'm glad I still pay the bills here so this thing is still on.

EP 97

Change Gon Come

Change happens when you least expect it, million-dollar question is are you ready for it?

EP 96


11 Minutes of how I see the world right now. Protest, Basketball, Police, and Insecure.

EP 94

My Beat Battle Darrell vs Rell

Because Teddy Riley did too much he inspired me to have my own beat battle with 2 artists who would never but we would all like to see it.

EP 93

The Big Lie

One problem, nobody looks like this right now. Let's discuss the real.