EP 94

My Beat Battle Darrell vs Rell

Because Teddy Riley did too much he inspired me to have my own beat battle with 2 artists who would never but we would all like to see it.

EP 93

The Big Lie

One problem, nobody looks like this right now. Let's discuss the real.

EP 92

"the social distance"

We talk so badly about how the corona virus is bad...trust me it is.

EP 91

Going Back To Life In The 80s

If you're an 80s baby like me you'll remember what real boredom was.

EP 90

Hypebeast Takeover

PSA if you're a millennial the Corona Virus will not kill you.

EP 89

All Star

This week the original gang is back as we talk on everything from the Allstar game.

EP 88

The Sad Episode

When tragedy strikes and its emotional I want to talk about it.

EP 87

The Rewind

It's 2019 and I'm still talking about the same things I did back in 2017.

EP 86

The Response

The point of this quick pod is that life is a walking contradiction.