ep 123

How To Travel Like an IG Model

Miami, LA, New York, Atlanta. If you've been to one of those you're probably an aspiring IG model. Well I traveled like this and partied like this.

ep 122

She's The Boss

What happens when successful woman dates men that make less money than her. What are the problems and pros to this approach.

ep 121

Grown Azz Kids

The Sex Life on netflix gave us 2 very real topic ideas for this week's episode. Why can't we still party like we used to. Is the club life only for the young? How do you manage adult friendships?

ep 120

The Donda Experience

I felt inspired by the release and rollout of Donda to dissect what it all means. Its provocative and gets the people going. Fortunately I had my friend and Kanye Super fan Jeremy on the guest mic today.

ep 119

When Ho* Stuff Happens

Time for some fun, what does it really mean to call someone a hoe. Me and my Ace do a deep dive on this and more.

ep 118

We Really Need Help

This week I finally break down Sha'Carri Richardson, the NBA being ok with players smoking weed, bill cosby's release and finally a larger conversation about Rap Culture.

EP 117

Work Work Work

I had my buddy Ike drop in to discuss the social contract with us the employee's and our employers and how the world should change post covid. Thank you for rocking with me!

ep 116

We're Open For Business

The world is going to look very different next month. What does it feel like to be an adult and to finally get off punishment.

ep 115

I Can

This week I got my basketball buddy Nas on the podcast to discuss his journey from first generation to Private Equity Manager. If you're black like us we grew up knowing you could only be a lawyer, doctor, teacher, or working for the federal government. This is an outside look at how growth happens.