Episode 08 | Random Topics and Truths

This week we keep it all the way light. We touch on the trending topics of the last week. Everything from the United Fiasco to Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics. Let me know your thoughts therellworld@gmail.com. Feel free to leave feedback at the iTunes store & Google Play or Soundcloud. A like or a positive message goes a long way.

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Episode 05 | Truth or Truth

I’m back after a short hiatus! This episode is my unfiltered truth about how we see a potentially messy situation? Can you date somebody your friend dated? Can you be friends with your friend that dated your ex. What’s the line? Who’s right and who’s wrong? Feel free to discuss and let me know what you really think.

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Episode 04 | The Black Party Weekend Experience

This week I bring Jay Moore back to discuss how to survive a black event weekend. We hit you with the do’s and dont’s to a good weekend plus a quick trip down memory lane of our favorite places to go.

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This weeks track was edited with #audacity and recorded with #garageband.

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Episode 03 | Whats Beef

Today’s topic is all about beef. Rap beef is on the menu and we all love a dope dis track. What happens when the music stops? The world stopped for a good 6 minutes on saturday and it we break it down in less than an hour!

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Next Episode i promise to stay on topic: how to survive black event weekends!