Episode 27 | Houston we have a problem and its not a flood

This week our Tweeter in chief got everyone in the NFL’s panties in a bunch. What happens when a non black person refers to you as a Nigga. We all know how to feel if “er” is involved but after we normalized it can we be surprised that others want to use it in anyway? Are people still avoided the opportunity to have a voice anymore?

Story told by @consultant_jay


Episode 26 | Week In Review & I hate Social Media Too

I hate that everything is a discussion, we share way too much on social media. Is it my fault for sharing or your fault for paying attention? I don’t really hate it but this helps tie together what Jemele Hill, Kevin Hart and Kyrie Irving have in common and its more than people’s opinions that shouldn’t matter. Episode 26 brought to you by none other than ProStyleWatches.



Episode 25 | Winners Losers and My Money

It feels like Insecure is how I start each of my latest episodes but the season finale was a phenomenal episode of TV, I dissect who’s really winning in these fictional LA streets. I also discuss the iPhone X and why i dont care to buy it. They can keep the 1000 price tag and i’ll take a trip instead.

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I promise to get back on track now that my schedule has gotten better. Thanks for still tuning in.


Episode 23 | We’re Back

3 weeks off and I hope you missed me, or at least that’s what I’m going to believe like I’m crazy. So much crazy has happened since we last spoke. What used to be Taboo is no longer taboo. Why did we immediately dismiss the usher accuser. Why do we need validation from The Donald about racism? We touch on this and some.

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Episode 22 | What’s the line?

A lot of your favorite entertainers seem to do things that none of us agree with. What’s the final straw that stops you from supporting them? If Usher is allegedly burning people can I still listen to Confessions? The R wrote “age aint nothing but a number” but yet we all step in the name of love. These thoughts and more on this week’s episode

Special Guest

Shannon Currie
She’s inspiring the youth at the Urban League National Convention this week.
If you want to know more about her:


Episode 20 | Dog Days of Summer Pt 1

Finally a sports centered topic. This week we discuss how billionaire owners have public support over millionaire players. Why Kevin Durrant still gets crap from everyone for doing what was in his best interest. Why the salaries of all of these guys even needs to be public knowledge and a whole lot more. This is part 1 of the series of sports discussions until football comes back.

Guest Mic Jay Moore


Episode 19 | The Social Experiment

I know we are late to the game but the Rob Kardashian news gave us so much to discuss. No its not ok to leak nudes of your ex, what we really think of 4:44 and quick hits from the past week. Stay for conversation, you dont have to love the opinion but they are 100% true to self.

Guest Mic

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