Episode 47 | The Finesse

I pray you watched Atlanta last week because the first half of my episode is directly from that. People typically judge a book by its cover and no matter how much cash you got people will take your cash and still not respect you.

Part 2 talks about us living in a world full of hate…I hate that we have to discuss this all the time but we have to learn how to find something positive in the darkness. These thoughts inspired by Vado – Hate off Sinatra 2.5


Episode 45 |The Art Hype Episode

This week I’m joined by none other than my guy @thearthype. We joined forces to have a crazy art-centric episode. These questions need answers?

1. After an outfit hits the gram once can you ever show it on the gram again?
2. Did you like Get Out?
3. A celebration of culture or star wars level costume play for people going to see black panther?
4. Presidential portraits of Barack & Michelle Obama

****New Segment For This Week****
Heavy Rotation is all about our love of music. This week I introduce 2 Artist that I never hear people talk about.
1. Cozz – Zendaya(ft. J-Cole)
2. Sir – Something New (ft. Etta Bond)

1. Davido – Flora My Flawa
2. DJ Spinall – Nowo (ft. Wizkid)

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Check out episodes of his podcast @shootingwithshooters


Episode 44 | Dont Call Me Daddy

I’m all over the place this week. I touch on everything from not looking at twitter for 2 days after Safaree happened to why the 2nd amendment was racist then and still works the same way now. I touch on a couple other things in between but stay for the topics and the cool instrumentals.

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Episode 43 | Enter Wakanda

Yeah I know I know, I wanted to talk about it too. The difference is I’m not spoiling the movie or even talking about the plot but instead just how important it is to normalize some of the images of the movie.

Also, touch on gun violence and where we go from here. Will anything change? Listen and find out my thoughts.

Protect At all Cost
1. Stan Lee
2. Lebron James
3. Black People(yes all of us)
4. Gilbert Arenas

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Episode 42 | Obsession with the Past

You ever wonder why everything always seemed better when we were kids? Well, guess what, we have entered the Wave of bringing back oldies but goodies for all forms of entertainment. If you had a favorite show in the 90s and the Actor/Actress is alive there is the possibility that it will be revived 20 plus years later…Again.

*New Segment Alert*
Protect at all cost
1. Barak Obama
2. Plies
3. Chris Brown

J Cole St Tropez provides the background music this week.


Episode 41 | Black History

This week Quincy Jones goes old person I don’t give an F and tells all the stories. Faizon Love gets at Dave Chappelle and people say its hate. Stories from my childhood and adult hero Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and last but not least things are changing in 2018. Keep up.

Jay-z – Run This Town
Talib Kweli – Get By
Nas – Just a Moment
Gangstarr – Above the Clouds
Puff Daddy – Young G’s
Mobb Deep – Back at you(if you’re not hip this is from the Sunset Park OST)


Episode 39 | EPIC Roundtable Meets Masters of None

After being on hiatus last week I bring you my longest episode ever. I totally didn’t plan it this way but Men & Women have a hard time figuring out what Aziz did. Babe.net opened the door for a conversation we all needed to have and for you to listen to.

There is no hate it or love it this week because I ran way further than I like to and I actually want you to hear the whole thing.

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Guest Mic 2 Annoymous Women

Guest Mic Clarence
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