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How Fab lasted 18 Years in Rap

This is a question that I think about as I can literally say I remember hearing Fabolous Sport rap on the professional part 1 twenty years ago. Let’s talk about the continued change he took to be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

Fabolous Sport

What’s crazy is that he stepped on the scene spelling out his name. Before him everyone in the world could actually spell the word fabulous. Since then if you don’t type F A B O you’re lying! You probably remember his first verse on Lil Mo’s track Superwoman. His early tracks were synonyms with 3 things.

  1. The real Harlem Shake. If you remember his early videos that’s the dance every little kid was doing in every video from Diddy to Missy.
  2. How he wants every woman to make him smarter and how he could say this over the radio waves and get away with it! His word play on this topic is 70’s and 80’s level R&B quality. I bet the FCC is pissed for this right about now.
  3. Last but not least is the Sport! Just as an FYI he didn’t call himself sport because he rocked Jerseys. Apparently that was his name in the hood. But this Fab is best known for all the 4x jerseys he wore. No rapper embodied this era of fashion as much as Him. Yeah everyone was doing it, but Mitchell & Ness should right this dude a check for literally all of the people he inspired.

R&B Fab

If Jay-z and R. Kelly were the best of both worlds then Fab can simply put be called the GOAT. Can we really name a bad track of his that has an R&B singer on the hook? He made Mike Shorey a household name in Baby and remixed Tamia’s In To You into a crossover hit. To be honest it seems like a win win situation big time hits and all the ladies to love you. Here is an easy key to success, Dope dope beats mixed with nice things to say about women or just telling them you will buy them the world! I’m a movement by myself but i’m a force when we are together! Side note Drake stole this wave from fab and kinda never let it go. I guess that’s why his next Evolution had to body this version.

Funeral Fab

This is by far my favorite Fabolous. This is the start of the modern Mixtape Era. For years my generation associated mixtapes with DJ Clue and DJ’s all over NYC that got leaks on all the hot tracks. Problem is that the internet effectively killed this. Why do I need to wait for Clue to get a track when it gets leaked on the net? Shout out to Grand Theft Audio Part 2, best mixtape ever! So what did he do, he created a cohesive single project of beats he probably couldn’t get clearance from but could perform on tour. Genius! Fab brought back the excitement of Christmas to a grown up without kids. I knew at some point in the day to keep my computer close so I could bump my Christmas gift from John Jackson! From There is no competition to the Soul Tape (Greatest mixtape series ever and this is not debatable by anyone) I knew on December 25th I would have something to listen too to break up the monotony of christmas without a single kid in the family, I mean how many times can we give gifts to people that have everything!

So while we watch him evolve, the reason he’s lasted so long is because even as an old man in the rap game he’s still got bars. While I wait on the Young OG project 2 I’m sure Freddy vs. Jason will drop to give me my fix until then. While I try to be objective, obviously dude is in my top 5 like its T-mobile when we still used phones for mostly making phone calls!