About Me

Darrell was born to a family full of strong women in the Nations Capital. They all made it a point to let him explore the world without the weight of their biases to taint his young point of view. Living on both the best coast and the left coast he has given him a different life experience that he pulls from when discussing issues.

Darrell started a podcast because even when he didn’t see the power in his voice others always did. His first time speaking in front of a big crowd was at the age of 4 at a family reunion. That ability has become an outlet for all of the smart, crazy, and sometimes wrong thoughts in his head.

Darrell believes that working in Corporate America is cool and affords him a lifestyle but that nobody should live to work. Life is much more than a 9-5 and if you blink you might just miss it.

A little more about me and my podcast.

Darrell explores topics that relates to moments in life whether his or ones of people in the world.  This real life, real world approach allows his conversations to all be relatable to people he’s never seen or met. We have all done something, that’s either cool or stupid, so most things that people experience have a level of familiarity even to us, after all Real Life is better than TV.

The podcast was inspired by his need to share after experiencing personal tragedy. This created an outlet for not only his most inner thoughts, but a creative way to put some of that brain to helping others understand the world.

Since February 2017 people have joined me on this podcast journey. My tribe is why I strive to be better every single day. I’m here to not only entertain, but to educate everyone on the pitfalls of life so maybe someone, anyone will not have to go through that. I promise that I’ll give my all every time you listen to me on the mic. When you hear me that’s how you see me and get to know me and I always put my best foot forward.

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